TechCapital Managment was established in January 2002 to provide specialist assistance for developing technology based businesses, including management of R&D and wealth-creation from new technology and intellectual property [IP]. Studies have shown that about 75% of the value of modern business is due IP assets but in many cases, the potential of IP is not being achieved.

TechCapital Management has recently provided specialist advice on venture fund portfolios and business planning for the re-development of government assets.

The company's founder, Dr John Turner , has over 20 years experience in growing technology based business, early stage technology investments, managing R&D and the commercialisation of IP assets in global markets. He consulted to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (Geneva) for over 15 years.

The company has a professional network that includes technology transfer specialists, research organisations, government organisations, business, investors and funds managers in the domain of business development and IP commercialisation.