Dr John Turner has a wide range of executive level experience, exemplified by the following:

John recently advised on a business plan for re-development of a South Australian government asset. He has assisted one of South Australia's leading financial institutions in strategies for investments in technology based venture capital funds, targeting superior returns for the institution's members. Sustainable economic and social benefits were also envisaged through monetising new technologies and business growth.

For over 15 years, John consulted on intellectual property [IP] commercialisation to the World Intellectual Property Organization (in Geneva ) and been an invited speaker at many international forums. (see News) .

John has first-hand experience over 20 years in seeding new companies (e.g, YourAmigo Ltd ) negotiating high value international deals involving new technologies and recovering unsuccessful investments.

John was the founding CEO of Flinders Technologies Pty Ltd [FT] , a joint venture between an ASX listed venture capital company and Flinders University in South Australia. He was the first CEO in Australia to invest Pre-seed/seed capital in R&D and re-invest earnings to generate a self-sustaining technology commercialisation business with an IRR >70% . FT changed to Flinders Partners after he left.

Previously, John started the Technology Commercialisation Division of the Australian National University 's commercial arm and worked for the Australian Government in strategic planning for the development of high technology industries and as an advisor on the commercialisation of medical research. In Government, he established the national teaching company scheme that became a 'graduate in business' program of AusIndustry.

In his early career, John graduated from Adelaide University in science winning the top prizes for his Honours and PhD degrees. He conducted research at Imperial College London as a Glaxo Fellow (with Nobel Laureate Sir Derek Barton); the Waite Agricultural Research Institute as the first C J Everard Fellow; the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science in Medical Research; the ANU as a Research Fellow, and CALTECH in the USA as a Fulbright Scholar. John's experiences in the USA stimulated the career change into investment and commercialisation.

John is an Honorary Life Member of KCA, a Life Member of Fulbright Alumni, Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, member of the Licensing Executives Society International, the Intellectual and Industrial Property Society Inc, and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

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