TechCapital Managment advises at Executive and Board levels on the management of investments, projects and companies, targeting business development and wealth creation.

Our services are underpinned by experience of :

  • managing portfolios of pre-seed and seed investments in new technologies and their commercialisation in global markets.
  • raising funds for early stage R&D, the establishment of new companies, the development of technology based business, licensing, asset sales, recovery of IP assets, in the public & private sectors.

  • venture fund and portfolio reviews for investors
  • managing partnerships between business and research organisations, such as universities

We can help clients that may not know where to start and can provide assistance on the following:

  • Audits of existing IP
  • Discovery of new inventions / technologies
  • Technology commercial viability assessments
  • Strategic planning for technology development & commercialisation
  • Fund raising

TechCapital Managment also provides help for the implementation of research commercialisation strategies, including :

  • Processes for managing R&D and IP to optimise opportunities and outcomes
  • Technology transfer : licensing, asset sale, start-ups, joint ventures
  • Negotiation of transaction terms
  • Start-up venture formation
  • Acquiring early stage investment (seed capital)
  • Contract R&D and technical consultants
  • Help with government commercialisation support programs
  • Project portfolio management
  • International deal management for commercialisation